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NBL 2013/14: And so we wait…

I’m not going to deny, I love the NBL. What I don’t love, though, is not knowing what’s going on. This offseason, we’re seeing some really major changes to the NBL. We may see new teams in the mix. The NBL is demerging from Basketball Australia and being handed to the clubs. But what we […]

NBL 2012/13: Is it the Grand Final or the Grand “Let’s flip a coin and see who wins”? (also, why I want us to 3peat in Perth)

This post is about two things. Terrible referees in the NBL and why I don’t want to see the 3peat won in Auckland.

NBL 2012/13: Martin out, Breakers a shoe in?

Perth’s hopes of revenge in the Grand Final series against the Breakers have been majorly hit by Damian Martin being ruled out due to his Achilles being re-injured in the Semi Final series against Wollongong. Some people are saying this gives the Breakers a guaranteed 3peat. All I can say is, try again guys – […]

NBL 2012/13: The real problem

About half an hour before I started writing this, the NBL.TV Facebook page linked to an article on basketball blog Hoop Diary. This article talks about the problems NBL.TV is having, and some of the immediate fixes that can be made.

NBL 2012/13: Round 13 Wrap-Up

The Breakers are three-from-three for this road trip after Round 13, with only the final of the Townsville season series to go in the road trip. That season series is already guaranteed to be won by NZ, leading the four game series 3-0.

NBL 2012/13: Round 11 Wrap-Up

If I had to give a title to this round, it would be “The Gong crashes, Jackson smashes”. I don’t think anyone expected a few weeks into this season that we’d see Wollongong losing three of their last five at all during this season. After last week too, I don’t think anyone expected a career […]

NBL 2012/13: Round 9 Wrap-Up

Cedric Jackson. That has to be the name of Round 9. I’m saying it now – if he doesn’t get Player of the Week, it will be a crime.