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4 life lessons we can learn from Tetris

I have been playing Tetris for the past hour or so, and for some unknown reason, that got me thinking about life lessons we can learn from Tetris. And yes, it genuinely was unknown. No drugs or alcohol were consumed before writing this post, however it is 4am which may have contributed to this. So […]

Getting my philosophical on

For those of you not in New Zealand, it’s been pretty damn dry in this area of the world recently. A drought has been declared for the entire North Island of New Zealand because of that. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t seen any rain for at least a few months, and definitely since I moved […]

Interesting conversation with a dealer

No, ladies and gents, I don’t mean with a drug dealer. I mean with a blackjack dealer. Involved was myself, a guy who we’ll call J, two guys who had never played blackjack before and the dealer.

The awkward moment when a State Owned Enterprise completely screws your day…

Today, I had a number of things I planned to do. I didn’t get a single one done. All because of NZ Post. Yes, the postal service that makes me want to go postal.

Dear life,

Dear life, You know how you’re just one big jigsaw puzzle? As much as I don’t like the way you give me all the wrong pieces sometimes, I don’t mind that much. I’ll just get some scissors and cut them into the shapes I want them to be. Is that cool? Love, Faz

Thoughts about thinking

I’ve been thinking a bit today. And by today, I mean the day that technically ended just over an hour ago. This year is almost over, in terms of university at least. This means I’m going to overly philosophical as to what has happened this year. And here’s the start of that.

So stoked this week is over + ridiculous Harry Potter track

I do love not having classes on Fridays. Particularly when it’s been one of those weeks where you’ve had to get up relatively early for classes and the likes, but not be able to sleep early to compensate because a whole bunch piled on top of me this week.