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Your bio – probably just as important as your content

When it comes to personal social media, you see a lot of people with really non-existent bios. Facebook is (usually) not so bad, because most of what you say is shared only between people you know, but Twitter is a very public medium. Advertisements

LinkedIn – why I think it’s the future of social media

I’m a fan of LinkedIn. I keep my profile up to date as regularly as possible, and while I haven’t received any job offers from LinkedIn, I have enquired about jobs through it. I also do know of people who have had offers via LinkedIn.

Social Media – Don’t link them up!

It’s long been a belief of mine that anyone who auto-post their Facebook feed to Twitter, or the opposite way around, shouldn’t be allowed on social media – particularly if you’re a business. What people want on Facebook is very different to what people want on Twitter. And that’s all fine, but I had only […]

Disgusted to be a New Zealander (RIP Greg King)

Today, a person who was, in my opinion, New Zealand’s greatest ever defense lawyer, died.

Why I want to leave Facebook (but I won’t)

Facebook. It’s breeding a culture where it’s okay to bombard people with things they don’t want. So-and-so thinks you should use the [stupid game] app. Sure, I can just block the app, but there’s more and more people taking advantage of the people who think Facebook games are cool, which means I continually have to […]

NBL 2012/13: Not a great time for the NBL right now

The NBL is clearly in a bit of disarray right now. I love the Breakers, and I’m also quite a fan of the NBL, but what’s happening right now is concerning to say the least.

Two degrees of separation or social engineering?

So, I just did a little experiment. Go on to a random friend’s profile. Go to their friends and click on the first person who’s name doesn’t sound familiar. Then go to their friends and do the same, and so on until you get to a person who has no mutual friends with you. Took […]