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NBL 2012/13: Is it the Grand Final or the Grand “Let’s flip a coin and see who wins”? (also, why I want us to 3peat in Perth)

Not overly relevant to the post, but wow CJ when he first played with the Breakers. Pretty different to now.

This post is about two things. Terrible referees in the NBL and why I don’t want to see the 3peat won in Auckland. Continue Reading »

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NBL 2012/13: Martin out, Breakers a shoe in?

Perth’s hopes of revenge in the Grand Final series against the Breakers have been majorly hit by Damian Martin being ruled out due to his Achilles being re-injured in the Semi Final series against Wollongong. Some people are saying this gives the Breakers a guaranteed 3peat. All I can say is, try again guys – WAY too soon to make that call.
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Getting my philosophical on

For those of you not in New Zealand, it’s been pretty damn dry in this area of the world recently. A drought has been declared for the entire North Island of New Zealand because of that. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t seen any rain for at least a few months, and definitely since I moved back down to Hamilton in mid February. Continue Reading »

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The rest of the world gets it, why don’t we?

You might remember there was a bit of upset from New Zealand basketball administrators and, to some degree, fans, when High Performance Sport New Zealand removed all funding from Basketball New Zealand. HPSNZ argued that with neither the woman’s nor men’s teams qualifying for the Olympics, they didn’t deserve the funding. Look at Australia – both of their teams were there, with the women’s team getting third place. Continue Reading »

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LinkedIn – why I think it’s the future of social media

Photo by Brenda Lamothe Coulomme

I’m a fan of LinkedIn. I keep my profile up to date as regularly as possible, and while I haven’t received any job offers from LinkedIn, I have enquired about jobs through it. I also do know of people who have had offers via LinkedIn. Continue Reading »

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Social Media – Don’t link them up!

It’s long been a belief of mine that anyone who auto-post their Facebook feed to Twitter, or the opposite way around, shouldn’t be allowed on social media – particularly if you’re a business. What people want on Facebook is very different to what people want on Twitter. And that’s all fine, but I had only really applied this to the Twitter/Facebook relationship. Continue Reading »

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Dear Oxford Dictionaries. Your facts are bad and you should feel bad.

This month sees a new addition to the Oxford Dictionaries. The word friend zone has been added to the dictionary. Continue Reading »