Legacy posts now categorised

So, I’ve just spent the past hour finishing the categorising of the posts from my old website. And it’s now done. Advertisements

Welcome to The House of Faz

Well, this is sort of version four of my website/blog. The first two version were on the domain I used to own, That seems to have been taken over by one of those landing pages with random searches. That’s okay, given I don’t want it anymore. I moved to in June 2011 in […]

Website version 3.1 coming soon!

I’m going to entirely update this website very soon. Right now, it’s a bit of a mess. But that WILL change. Sections The pages of the website will be moving into sections. These sections will be: About Daniel Music Blog Features Store Radio New Blog Features We already have one of these (Letters from Daniel), […]

@Twitter Test!

So, with Twitter removing basic authentication, I need to test that the new settings for tweeting my posts is working. This is that test.

Spammers, gtfo | @yelyahwilliams' nude picture (It happened. Get over it, people) | Forums

Well, I am tired of spammers… Almost every day I log into my website, I have at least one comment to moderate that has been marked as spam. It’s just painful. I don’t know why people bother. Just because they leave a comment on my website doesn’t mean I, or anyone else for that matter, […]

Twitter API Problems sorted? (with thanks to @twitter and @twitterapi)

This morning, I got a reply from @Twitter regarding my API problems. I wouldn’t say the result is ideal, but it is still pretty good. What has happened is the news feeds down the bottom have been replaced with @Twitter Gadgets. This means that instead of the request coming from my website, it is coming […]

Twitter API Problems continue…

I have had an email from Twitter this morning saying that my request to be whitelisted has been declined. What this means is the problems will continue for now… I have sent them an email asking for help. I don’t know enough about the Twitter API to find a way to fix this. I wonder […]