Your bio – probably just as important as your content

When it comes to personal social media, you see a lot of people with really non-existent bios. Facebook is (usually) not so bad, because most of what you say is shared only between people you know, but Twitter is a very public medium. Advertisements

Google.. What are you doing.. Google.. Stahp!

I don’t like Apple. They’re the worst type of corporate scum*. Google and Apple have always been polar opposites. Apple was after corporate gain, where Google was after benefit for their employees and users. That’s one of the reasons they are so huge today – people appreciated that. They were polar opposites, until recently that […]

Mediation where mediation isn’t required

Before I woke up this morning, I missed a phone call. I put my phone on silent overnight, so it didn’t ring. I called the person back just before and the response was silence then the person ended the call.

Just how much do we rely on technology?

A couple weeks ago, my phone stopped charging. I plug it in, it says “charging”, but it doesn’t actually charge. Probably one of the least helpful things a phone can do. I have a phone waiting for me in Auckland, but I won’t be in Auckland until this Friday. As such, two weeks using a […]

Why blogging is good

I know there’s a lot of people that don’t get blogging. They think it’s just about people with nothing better to do trying to give themselves a soapbox. Sure, there are some people like that, but there’s also some good to blogging.

Trending in New Zealand…

In Eygpt, they used Twitter in overthrowing a dictatorial president. In the US, they used Twitter to organise mass protests that became worldwide known as the Occupy Movement. In New Zealand, what do people use Twitter for?

Why I want to leave Facebook (but I won’t)

Facebook. It’s breeding a culture where it’s okay to bombard people with things they don’t want. So-and-so thinks you should use the [stupid game] app. Sure, I can just block the app, but there’s more and more people taking advantage of the people who think Facebook games are cool, which means I continually have to […]