Social Media

Your bio – probably just as important as your content

When it comes to personal social media, you see a lot of people with really non-existent bios. Facebook is (usually) not so bad, because most of what you say is shared only between people you know, but Twitter is a very public medium. Advertisements

LinkedIn – why I think it’s the future of social media

I’m a fan of LinkedIn. I keep my profile up to date as regularly as possible, and while I haven’t received any job offers from LinkedIn, I have enquired about jobs through it. I also do know of people who have had offers via LinkedIn.

Social Media – Don’t link them up!

It’s long been a belief of mine that anyone who auto-post their Facebook feed to Twitter, or the opposite way around, shouldn’t be allowed on social media – particularly if you’re a business. What people want on Facebook is very different to what people want on Twitter. And that’s all fine, but I had only […]