Letters from Daniel

An open letter to the Sensible Sentencing Trust

To the Sensible Sentencing Trust, it’s officers and members; This morning, I was looking through the news as I do most mornings. I came across an opinion piece by Marcus Elliott on the New Zealand Herald website about your new website, Judge the Judges. Looking through both his comments and the website itself, I am […]

Dear Oxford Dictionaries. Your facts are bad and you should feel bad.

This month sees a new addition to the Oxford Dictionaries. The word friend zone has been added to the dictionary.

Auckland Transport – let’s ignore the question and say some very telling things…

A few weeks back, I posted a letter that I wrote to Auckland Transport saying I was disappointed at two things. Firstly, the poor service I received from the Maxx call centre and secondly the fact they don’t offer many places to get tertiary bus cards. Two days ago, I received a reply:

Dear Auckland Transport,

I would like to make a complaint about the utterly poor service that Maxx frequently provides. I am making my complaint public, because I do not trust that your feedback forms will result in any sort of response.

Dear Oreos…

Dear Oreos, You taught me that it is what is inside that counts. Sincerely, Lifes best lessons come from cookies.

Dear Rapture Theorists

So, the world ended about three hours ago. Cool. Seriously, do you really think you seem normal by going around saying the world’s going to end? Look at the guy who predicted the world to end today – he said that it was going to end in 1994 too. And then the world’s also going […]

Dear people who say "Twitter is stupid" or "[insert high traffic social network here] is pointless"

I am writing to you today to point out your ignorance. Please bare with me as I take you through this clear fact. You have looked at the concept of sending open messages of 140 characters to the general human populus of Earth and thought “why the heck would I do that?” But there are […]