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The legal system didn’t fail Trayvon Martin – society did

Before I go any further, I want to make a couple things extremely clear. Firstly, I think the death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy that borders on a travesty. Secondly, I do feel that Zimmerman is guilty by the letter of the law. Advertisements

4 life lessons we can learn from Tetris

I have been playing Tetris for the past hour or so, and for some unknown reason, that got me thinking about life lessons we can learn from Tetris. And yes, it genuinely was unknown. No drugs or alcohol were consumed before writing this post, however it is 4am which may have contributed to this. So […]

Getting my philosophical on

For those of you not in New Zealand, it’s been pretty damn dry in this area of the world recently. A drought has been declared for the entire North Island of New Zealand because of that. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t seen any rain for at least a few months, and definitely since I moved […]

Dear Oxford Dictionaries. Your facts are bad and you should feel bad.

This month sees a new addition to the Oxford Dictionaries. The word friend zone has been added to the dictionary.

The awkward moment when a State Owned Enterprise completely screws your day…

Today, I had a number of things I planned to do. I didn’t get a single one done. All because of NZ Post. Yes, the postal service that makes me want to go postal.

Town – You’re Doing it Wrong

Students. I seriously don’t understand you guys. You’ve got an amazing city with, what should be an amazing nightlife. The only problem is far too many people see town as a place to go once you’ve got trashed on a Thursday and Saturday night. The end goal of going to town is getting laid or […]