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NBL 2013/14: And so we wait…

I’m not going to deny, I love the NBL. What I don’t love, though, is not knowing what’s going on. This offseason, we’re seeing some really major changes to the NBL. We may see new teams in the mix. The NBL is demerging from Basketball Australia and being handed to the clubs. But what we don’t know is what’s happening.

Other than a post on their website about Wildcats signing their new coach, nothing has happened since the announcement of the Heads of Agreement between Basketball Australia and the oddly named conglomerate of NBL clubs, the National Basketball Competition. That agreement said that the de-merger must take place by 1 July, which has come and gone. We’re still none-the-wiser as to what is actually happening.

Earlier, it was talked about the Brisbane Bullets returning to the competition. The Wellington Saints joining has also been discussed. What’s happening with that? We have no idea. If nothing has happened with the de-merger then that might explain why, but why has nothing happened, and (possibly more importantly) when will something happen? We don’t have a draw for the competition either. The NBL website still gives iiNet as the naming rights sponsor, even though consensus seems to be that this relationship ended at the end of the 2012/13 season.

The short of it is, we have no idea what’s happening, and as far as anyone can see, neither does Basketball Australia or the National Basketball Competition (seriously, why? Australasian Basketball Clubs Association or something like that would make more sense……)


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