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Getting my philosophical on

For those of you not in New Zealand, it’s been pretty damn dry in this area of the world recently. A drought has been declared for the entire North Island of New Zealand because of that. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t seen any rain for at least a few months, and definitely since I moved back down to Hamilton in mid February.

That changed yesterday. It wasn’t a lot, but it was rain. Not enough to make farmers happy, and certainly not enough to break the drought, but it happened.

What I noticed today is that even with that small amount of rain, areas that were completely dry with nothing but dead grass now have bits of green. I started by tweeting a picture of it. Then I realised it was starting to make me feel happy. Couldn’t figure out why. Then I thought about it. Isn’t it nice to think that something that was all but dead can be brought back to life by something a simple as a little water? It’s a pretty basic commodity. It’s water. And yes, I know it’s scarce, even more so in some areas, but it’s still something really basic. You don’t do anything to it. It’s plain water. Isn’t that lovely?


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