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LinkedIn – why I think it’s the future of social media

Photo by Brenda Lamothe Coulomme

I’m a fan of LinkedIn. I keep my profile up to date as regularly as possible, and while I haven’t received any job offers from LinkedIn, I have enquired about jobs through it. I also do know of people who have had offers via LinkedIn.

Social media seems to be a platform more frequently used by the 13-25 age bracket. Obviously, that’s going to change, because as those people get older, they’re going to continue using social media. Either the bracket is going to spread outward, or shift if younger people stop taking up social media. What that means is there is going to be more and more social media users in the workforce, looking for jobs.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with LinkedIn, it is a social networking platform that is focused around professional relationships. It’s effectively a social CV. You connect with friends, colleagues and classmates, who can endorse you for certain skills or offer recommendations for you under your previous roles.

It also gives employers the opportunity to list jobs or contact potentially candidates, as well as giving job seekers the opportunity to apply for jobs. That’s what makes it different and much more useful once the social media users are predominantly in the workforce.

If you’re not on LinkedIn, or you don’t have a filled out profile, do it now. Around the world, LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular. New Zealand, as usual, seems to be running behind everyone else on this, but you need to be used to the platform when it becomes more popular.

And for those of you who know me and are going to created a LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect with me.


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