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Social Media – Don’t link them up!

It’s long been a belief of mine that anyone who auto-post their Facebook feed to Twitter, or the opposite way around, shouldn’t be allowed on social media – particularly if you’re a business. What people want on Facebook is very different to what people want on Twitter. And that’s all fine, but I had only really applied this to the Twitter/Facebook relationship.

Earlier this week, I realised that this rule applies to all social media. This realisation came after having a chat with a friend, who said she knows people who stopped following me on Twitter because I tweet too much. I have no idea if that was in relation to Foursquare tweets, but seriously, those things can, if you’re trying to watch Twitter for certain things, get really annoying, particularly if you don’t know how to filter properly. If you’re wanting to be worthwhile on Social Media, you need to make it worthwhile for others to follow you. Yes, they should learn how to filter Twitter, but at the same time, you should accommodate them if you want them to follow you.

Let’s be honest, if people want to know where you are, they can add you on Foursquare. Oh, and this is nothing to do with being concerned about stalkers and stuff. I’m far from cool/famous/female enough to have stalkers.


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