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Why this is getting to me (RIP Sir Paul)

Right now, I’m at work. It’s break time, but instead of having a break, I’m doing things like changing my display picture on Facebook and Twitter to a New Zealand flag at half staff and writing this post. Why? Because I’m pretty cut up right now. Sir Paul Holmes has passed away.

I never met Sir Paul Holmes. I didn’t even always agree with him. However, he is a huge inspiration to me. One of New Zealand’s finest journalists, a philanthropic gentleman, who (as far as I’ve seen) was always there to help young newbie journalists. The very first episode of his show ‘Holmes’ went off with a bang. In my opinion, it was one of the greatest pieces of journalism New Zealand has ever seen. Then there’s Eve van Grafhorst, the little girl who had AIDS and was forced to leave Australia because people considered they might catch it off her. What Paul Holmes did for her, and every other person suffering from AIDS, was nothing short of magnificent.

As a small-time journalist, through this blog, my radio shows on Contact FM and what I was doing at Nexus Magazine last year, if I was to only a tenth of the journalist Sir Paul was, it would be something extraordinary. Because Sir Paul was more than the extraordinary. Yes, he said some very silly things. It doesn’t change that, in a country where journalism doesn’t exist, he was a shining light.

So, to my inspiration and hero, Sir Paul. I will always be thankful for what you gave New Zealand and the world. Rest in Peace, good Sir. Rest in Peace.


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