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NBL 2012/13: Round 13 Wrap-Up

The Breakers are three-from-three for this road trip after Round 13, with only the final of the Townsville season series to go in the road trip. That season series is already guaranteed to be won by NZ, leading the four game series 3-0.

Townsville might have been the first team to lose a season series, but they’ve also become the first team to sweep a season series this week, after beating the Adelaide 36ers, 75-73, 80-75, 86-82 and 75-61. They have had a weird season series, with all four games being played across five rounds.

Talking of the Adelaide 36ers, they’ve now reached the second worst losing streak we’ve seen this season, behind Townsville’s 10 straight losses at the beginning of the season. The 36ers are down seven straight right now, with a good chance of hitting that ten game streak. Their next three opponents are the Sydney Kings, New Zealand Breakers and Melbourne Tigers. Though, even with Sydney being in a much better position than Adelaide, the 36ers are up 2-1 for the season series.

The loss to New Zealand led the Wollongong Hawks to hit their third straight loss, their longest losing streak of the season. Both Adelaide and Cairns are also on their worst losing streaks for 2012-13, showing the half-way point is a stumbling block for some. Having said that, the half-way point has always been a stumbling point for the Breakers, and they’ve won the past two titles, with the minor championships to match.

The Breakers aren’t too far off being guaranteed a finals berth – six more wins should take it out of reach. Though, at this point, we do have four teams looking very safe.  Wollongong is currently in the bottom of the playoff berths, 3.5 games back from the Breakers. The closest team to them, the Melbourne Tigers, are a further 2.5 games back. Not guaranteed, but it’s certainly looking good at this end of the season for them. Cairns and Adelaide, on the other hand, are very close to being unable to reach the playoffs, both being 7.5 games back.


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