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NBL 2012/13: Round 11 Wrap-Up

Cedric Jackson

If I had to give a title to this round, it would be “The Gong crashes, Jackson smashes”. I don’t think anyone expected a few weeks into this season that we’d see Wollongong losing three of their last five at all during this season. After last week too, I don’t think anyone expected a career topping 32 points from Cedric Jackson.

But we did see both of those things. Jackson led an impressive Breakers side to victory against the Cairns Taipans, who was very close to reaching at least a double-double, on 8 assists. He could have got there too, given there was three and a half minutes to go when Cedric Jackson was pulled off the court. This wasn’t a bad idea though, given the Breakers have just over a month until they hit home court again on January 18th.

Wollongong had one win, one loss this week, both margins under 10 points, but neither will be easy to take for Wollongong fans who must be relatively used to the Hawks winning quite convincingly this season. They did manage to get one back on Perth after losing to them last week though, putting the season series out of reach of Perth.

This week’s THOF Player of the Week goes to Cedric Jackson. There are now people in the US talking about Cedric Jackson, saying he’d be great in the Lakers:

As much as I’d hate to see Cedric leave the Breakers, I know it’s going to happen, and Berger is right in saying Jackson would help the Lakers out of the mess they’re in.


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