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Google.. What are you doing.. Google.. Stahp!

Google is making me do this right now….

I don’t like Apple. They’re the worst type of corporate scum*. Google and Apple have always been polar opposites. Apple was after corporate gain, where Google was after benefit for their employees and users. That’s one of the reasons they are so huge today – people appreciated that. They were polar opposites, until recently that is.

About an hour ago, I received an email saying Google is no longer offering Google Apps as a free service. So, Yahoo, get your act together and replace Google in the served email market. If not Yahoo, someone else. There is money to be made in it, and Google has, probably, given that up.

They’ve also handed the market to Microsoft’s Office 365. The cheapest Google Apps service is US$5 per user. That’s about $6 per user. Microsoft’s cheapest is $5.87, which is fine if you’re just after email. $0.13 per user doesn’t sound like much. Unless you have 50 people needing email. Then it’s $6.50. All these prices are per month too. That’s therefore $78 per year. No thanks, Google.

Oh, there’s also that Microsoft Exchange works with Outlook or the Mail app in Windows 8 much better than Gmail. Google’s losing out on price AND convenience. Again, no thanks, Google.

* Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to irrationally come out with “AHH!! IT’S CORPORATE THEREFORE IT’S EVIL!!!”. I just don’t like the type of scum who destroy everyone and everything in their pursuit of market dominance. Apple’s lawsuits against Google and Samsung and what they did with the original Macs, just to name a couple ways Apple are evil.


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