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NBL 2012/13: Round 8 Wrap-Up

My Player of the Week, Ben Madgen

Perth is a dastardly creature. Just as Breakers fans think they’re going to get one up on them… BOOM, seven game winning streak for the Breakers and three game losing streak for Perth, ended.

Interestingly enough, there’s only two teams that have had a losing streak longer than that this season – Melbourne on four, and Townsville, unable to get anything on ten straight losses. The Breakers’ seven wins is an unbeaten streak for the season so far, with Wollongong a close second on five straight wins.

New Zealand didn’t lose because of the referees. They were poor, but we still would have lost. New Zealand didn’t lose because of Perth’s blatant breaching of NBL rules around what is allowed to be within a stadium or arena. There were quite a number of horns in Perth Arena, something specifically banned by the NBL. It puts players off a lot more than a drumline, and can’t have helped the Breakers – though we still would have lost. Quite honestly, it was the worst play I have seen from the Breakers in the seven years I’ve been supporting the team.

Perth not only broke their 3 game losing streak against the Breakers this round, they also managed to take it to a 2W streak after winning against Townsville. This brought them to their 10 game losing streak. If I felt sorry for the Crocs before, I certainly do now – double figures in your losing streak is never a good thing, particularly when there’s only 28 games in the season.

In terms of Player of the Week, it’s hard for me to look past Ben Madgen of the Sydney Kings, scoring a huge 29 points against the Taipans. There was also a great performance against the Crocs for Jesse Wagstaff of the Perth Wildcats, very nearly getting a double-double with 15 points and nine rebounds. As much as I hate to say it, Sean Redhage of the Wildcats (yes, I really hate that guy…) had a great game against the Breakers, with 20 points and five assists. I still call it Madgen getting his third gong (well, they’re not medals, but awards all the same) of the season.

Something interesting I wanted to note before we go to the ladder though, there’s a few season series’ that are shaping up to be quite interesting. While Perth is number three on the table, they cannot beat Adelaide for the series, who are up against Perth 2-0 in the four game series. The Breakers are in a similar position against Perth – Perth is in an unbeatable position of 2-0. It is interesting to point out that New Zealand is the only team to have already guaranteed a season series, having won three game against Townsville, with only one game to come.

Here’s the table after Round 8, which see the Breakers slip a spot, like they did on both offense and defense on Thursday night.


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