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NBL 2012/13: Round 6 Wrap-Up (+ round 5 ladder)

Yes, I know, I missed a round. I’ll throw the ladder from round 5 at the bottom of the post. In other news, we’ve just had round 6 – a huge one for the New Zealand Breakers. Two blowout wins, putting them at the top of the table for the first time this season.

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for the Townsville Crocs. They’ve played more than a quarter of their games for this season, and lost all eight of them. While it’s not impossible, it’s going to be very difficult to get into the top four now – after finishing 3rd last season, that’s got to be disappointing.

Wollongong have finally managed to drop a game, which is great for Breakers fans, as it gave the Breakers an opening to take the top spot. Corin Henry was brilliant for Sydney, taking 19 points in the 14 point win.

And, of course, the Breakers. This week they had their first double round of the season, something they will repeat at the end of December, what you could call the holidays round. Wins again both Townsville and Cairns gives the Breakers the best winning streak of any team, now on six straight wins. Cedric Jackson, again, was amazing for the Breakers. A double-double against Townsville (14 points, 11 assists) and getting a huge 20 points against Cairns. He’s got to be front running for Player of the Week.

And here’s the round 5 ladder that we missed:


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