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Three years old

I just realised – yesterday, The House of Faz turned three. We’re in the third blog iteration of the site. If you count when it was Daniel-Farrell.com and was just a website about me, then it’s the fourth and is a bit more than three years old.

Including this post, there’s been 349 posts on the blog. The first was just a way for me to test the site I was in the process of creating on October 8th, 2009. The spam blocker has blocked 1911 comments, though there are a few more than that, given a few years ago I was randomly editing spam comments then accepting them.

This isn’t the first blog I tried to use. I started out on Blogger. 25 posts in 2007 then gave up on it. I think that I’ve managed to keep posting here for three years is quite an achievement to be honest. And yes, that link does link to my old blog. There’s a complete bunch of crap on there. Though, I have found a bunch of through clicking a few links that I had completely forgotten about.


One comment on “Three years old

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