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NBL 2012/13: Round One Wrap Up

For fans from New Zealand and Melbourne, round 1 was one to forget. They lost against Perth by 21 and Adelaide by 23 respectively.

As someone who was at the game at the NSEC, I can say this is one of the few times that Breakers fans cannot even slightly blame the refs for their loss. There was a few terrible calls, but to be honest, the referees were more fair that I’ve seen them before. I seriously hope that is a trend for 2012/13.

The Breakers couldn’t do the basics right, and when they tried to go beyond the basics… Well, let’s just say a more spectacular failure I have never seen. It’s not the end of the road though. As I saw Tom Abercrombie say on 3 News on Saturday, it would have been worrying if they had played well and lost by that amount, but they played badly and got a bad result.

New Zealand fans will get to see the Breakers at home again in Round 2, this time their first game at Vector Arena for the season.

See the ladder below, and a description of the columns below that.

W-L: The teams win-loss record
Win%: The percentages of games played that have resulted in wins
GB: Games behind (see here for details of Games Behind)
H: Home record
A: Away record
L5: Record for last five games
PF: Points for
PA: Points against
Diff: Points differential (PF-PA)
2011/12: Final ladder position in 2011/12


One comment on “NBL 2012/13: Round One Wrap Up

  1. Oh, thank you MS Word for telling me Taipans is spelled wrong… **facepalm** **adds to dictionary**

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