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Just how much do we rely on technology?

A couple weeks ago, my phone stopped charging. I plug it in, it says “charging”, but it doesn’t actually charge. Probably one of the least helpful things a phone can do. I have a phone waiting for me in Auckland, but I won’t be in Auckland until this Friday. As such, two weeks using a $39 phone. The LG A180. Check out the link – it will show you how much of a entry level phone it is.

As much as I’m a person who is really into social media and finds having emails easily available quite a good thing, I thought I would be okay with using this phone. No camera. No internet. Just a phone. I was wrong.

Seriously, this phone has made me want to hurt someone. It is so frustrating. From the lack of keyboard to the fact it decides I need to be made aware when the phone receives it signal from a different cellphone tower. The latter has actually made me want to throw the thing into the Waikato River. I found it was infuriating to not be able to tweet from a competition I was at on the weekend.

I am going to leave this with a simple thought. When did we become so reliant on being constantly connected to each other? Why did it happen? Is it a trend we should be worried about?


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