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That horse: “Don’t cry for me, Argentina, I mean New Zealand”

Yes, the National Bank is gone. And yes, people are justified in their concern. But people should probably look at what ANZ is saying before they get upset.

Some people really aren’t thinking this through. They’re getting upset at the loss of the Lloyds TSB horse, which was going to happen at the end of 2014 anyway when the license for using the image ran out.

Other people are being a little more logical. They’re looking at what happened when ANZ owned PostBank, which was then rebranded as ANZ. There was a bunch of customers who were really screwed over at that point. As much as I was about six at the time, I had an account with ANZ then, as did my parents. My parents moved to TSB. My parents didn’t open another for me, instead using their account and a little notebook. But personal memories aside, people are remembering what happened then and getting concerned. That’s fair play. But ANZ has been completely open about this. At the end of October, there’s a bunch of changes being made. They’re being made for both National Bank and ANZ customers.

Here’s where I say something that is purely observational and quite possibly wouldn’t be supported by ANZ National’s management. What it seems is that ANZ customers are, for the most part, being transferred to the National Bank, then the National Bank is being renamed ANZ. There’s a bunch of products, like the ANZ Cashback credit cards, that are products taken from the National Bank. Fee structures are changing for ANZ to mirror what the National Bank had. For example, any people on a tertiary pack with ANZ will start paying less fees for credit cards, because NBNZ was charging no annual fee for tertiary students, whereas ANZ waived the fee for the first year only.

The other thing that doesn’t make sense is the comments people are making about the people behind the brand. There’s a bunch of stuff online about how people think ANZ’s staff are rude and the National Bank’s staff are helpful and basically show really good customer service. I have to say, I have found exact that myself. However, this doesn’t really cause an issue with the change to ANZ, because the people who are really helpful at the National Bank will still be there, just with a different shirt on.


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