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NBL 2012/13: Breakers lose the series, but looking okay

Alex Pledger

The Breakers lost tonight against the Wollongong Hawks. This means they lost the three game preseason series, which is obviously going to be a big boost for the Hawks. But, as a Breakers fan, I’m not worried. That’s for three reasons.

1. Injury

Right now, we’ve got Tom Abercrombie still healing from surgery after his injury during the playoffs last season. Tonight, CJ Bruton was missing because of an injury he picked up in Game 2 of the series. That’s two big scorers who we were missing tonight. Given Tom averages 15 points per game for the Breakers, 14 points per game. If they even got a third of those each, that would be almost ten points, enough to take the win.

2. Development players

Watching the development players in action tonight was great. The future of Breakers basketball is really bright with those guys. The thing is, you can still tell they’re development players. They still made errors that you wouldn’t see from the more advanced guys. That would add a few points to the Breakers if you weren’t playing the development guys.

3. Faith

I know this one seems a little cheesy, but I have faith in this team. Seeing Will Hudson and what he adds to the team tonight only strengthened that faith I have in the team. I know this one’s a little weaker and doesn’t have any numbers backing it up, but it’s a really strong reason for me. Given the team motto during the playoffs is “We Believe”, I’d say it’s a pretty strong reason for the Breakers too.

Oh also, I have the picture of Alex Pledger for two reasons. Firstly, The Chief was the standout performer for me tonight. Secondly, I don’t know why, but that picture makes me laugh.

Let’s get the three-peat rolling! Bring on October 5th!


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