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Why I want to leave Facebook (but I won’t)

Photograph by Patrick Hajzler

Facebook. It’s breeding a culture where it’s okay to bombard people with things they don’t want. So-and-so thinks you should use the [stupid game] app. Sure, I can just block the app, but there’s more and more people taking advantage of the people who think Facebook games are cool, which means I continually have to block more apps.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a social media person. Social media is something I really enjoy. I’ve started a damn business based on social media, so I clearly am into it. But let’s be honest, Twitter is so much better. Firstly, there’s no apps. Secondly, any message you send, unless you’re a dick who uses Twitlonger or something like it, is going to be to the point. Thirdly, you don’t see accounts named “I will name my Son Batman If this page gets to 500,000” or ““I Have A Six Pack ;-)” “Where ?” “Under My Fat…It’s Shy” 🙂” that you like because of the name then they post a ridiculous amount of spam that you don’t want or need to see.

Yes, I would love to delete my Facebook and move purely to Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and Pinterest (though while Pinterest is cool, I barely use it any more). But no, I won’t be doing this. Why? People.

People I want to connect with are almost always on Facebook. They’re sometimes on Twitter, but not often enough. So, yes, I don’t like Facebook. But I’ll stick around, because it gives me something I want.


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