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The (super cool) Audience

I just realised, I haven’t written here about The Audience, which is probably the greatest website for NZ music since the creation of the internet.

The Audience is a site where NZ artists can put up their music and their fans can vote for it. There’s a few things that makes The Audience cool. Firstly, you can find artists you’ve probably never heard of. Just click “Discovery” and a random track will come up. Then click play and have a listen. Secondly, the chart is made into a radio show once a week and played on independent stations around New Zealand. Thirdly, the chart helps decide where some NZ on Air funding goes, so the music you like might just end up getting a better quality recording or a music video.

In case you’re wanting to have a listen to the chart show, here’s the list:

  • Christchurch – RDU (Friday 2pm)
  • Hamilton – Contact FM (Friday 3pm)
  • Auckland – 95bFM (Saturday 11am)
  • Taranaki – Most FM (Saturday midday)
  • Dunedin – Radio One (Saturday 4pm)
  • Manawatu – Control FM (Saturday 6pm)

The Audience is also supposed to play on Radio Active in Wellington, but as far as I can tell, it’s not yet.

There’s also a TV show on TVNZ U. That plays Sunday at 5pm.

Here’s a few links to some of my favourite tracks on The Audience right now. Get in there, have a listen, have a vote and click the Discovery button – because that thing is cool.

Contrast Theory – Stuff You
CTFD – Attencion
Chatchy – Nightlife
Pikachunes – Love Hate
Winston Anthony – Castle
ChillStreet Hooligans – SaveMart


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