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Ray Allen (unsurprisingly) leaves the Celtics

Photograph by Daniel Umaña

The Cs have lost Ray Allen for the 2012/13 season. It’s not like we didn’t see that coming from a mile away – Allen has been up for a trade over the past season or so. Plus there’s that little thing of Ray Allen vs Rajon Rondo.

Somehow, one source was saying Allen was moving to the Timberwolves, adding “While there’s been all sorts of Miami Heat trade rumors going on, don’t forget there are other teams out there” AFTER Ray Allen was confirmed to be moving to the Miami Heat. For some reason, the Boston Celtics are surprised at this.

What gets me isn’t Allen’s move from the Celtics (though apparently I’m still a “butthurt Celtics fan”), but that he’s moving to Miami. I don’t care that they won the NBA this year (making them, according to arrogant Americans,  the “World Champions” – because it’s not like there’s a World Championships for basketball. That’s the NBA, right? A league that only North American teams compete in). That doesn’t mean shit. They’re still a team that is full of “superstars”. Individualists who have egos bigger than their paychecks, if that’s possible. Having a team of “superstars” doesn’t make you a team of champions. It makes you a team of egos. Ray Allen is making a mistake playing for the Heat. He’d be better off coming to New Zealand and playing for the NZ Breakers. For that matter, he’d be better off playing for the 2011/12 bottom of the table Wollongong Hawks. And apparently that means I “get that from all the generalization from the media, not knowing what it truly means”. Miami fans – they’re nothing if not passionate.


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