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Interesting conversation with a dealer

Photograph by Davide Guglielmo

No, ladies and gents, I don’t mean with a drug dealer. I mean with a blackjack dealer. Involved was myself, a guy who we’ll call J, two guys who had never played blackjack before and the dealer.

And yes. This was a real conversation.

This actually happened.

I was as shocked as anyone else should be.

J: Seriously, this is an expensive lesson in the game for you guys. You should go online and learn how to play.
N00b 1: What do you mean?
J: Well try searching Google for “how to play blackjack” for a start.
Dealer: You know the movie 21? Learn to do it like that.
Me: Oh God, no…..
Me and floor manager: **shakes head**

Yes, this was a real conversation. The dealer suggested someone learns how to count cards. Unless this guy wants to help beat someone up out the back alley way, I’d suggest he might be in a bit of trouble with his manager xD


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