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The awkward moment when a State Owned Enterprise completely screws your day…

Today, I had a number of things I planned to do. I didn’t get a single one done. All because of NZ Post. Yes, the postal service that makes me want to go postal.

I went into the NZ Post Box Lobby this afternoon to check the PO Box for an organisation I am involved with. There were two letters and a card saying there’s more mail but they can’t fit it in the box. I went to the main counter and was told there’s nothing there. On the way to the bus stop to get stuff done, I notice the dates on the post marks. One said 20 February 2012, the other 16 April 2012. Both had New Zealand Post envelopes.

Slightly concerned, I opened one. Starting with the April letter, it said we were overdue on our PO Box fees for 2012. The February one, the original invoice. Slightly more concerned, I went back to the post office. I was told I would need to query that with the call centre and that the 0800 number would be on the letters. I go home and call the 0800 number. They tell me that the PO Box was closed on 31 May.

I know what you’re probably thinking – why didn’t we know when the PO Box bill was due and query it. I don’t know that, given I haven’t been involved with that side of the organisation – I was only given the key for the PO Box last week. But, regardless, it gets worse.

I go back to the post office and explain that we only received the invoice today and that we would pay this by tomorrow morning, so could we ensure that we still do receive our mail. The person effectively told me that she didn’t believe it had only just been delivered or we haven’t been checking our mail. I told her that we had been checking it and there should be record of this given we often receive more mail than fits in the box so someone has to sign for the collection. Sure enough, there was a log of this from last Wednesday. But here’s the interesting bit. The lady went out the back and came out with a huge pile of letters that hadn’t been delivered. She said this was due to non-payment. One of these letters was dated March 13th, three and a half months before the box was supposedly closed. Additionally, there was a letter there telling us that the Box was going to be closed.

The lady at the counter was just as confused as I was. Unfortunately, the manager was busy. We’ll hear more tomorrow when the manager has had a chance to talk to the mailroom people.

What more can I say – thanks for screwing up my day, NZ Post!


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