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STMN: Sweet and Sour Beef

Before doing this, I’d heard of Sweet and Sour Pork, but never of a beef version. Instead of searching Google to see if this is a terrible idea, I decided to run with it and try make it edible. Turns out, Sweet and Sour Beef isn’t as uncommon as I thought (after I finished it, I searched Google). Not only is it really simple to make, it tastes amazing too.


  • Beef mince
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce


  1. Cook mince until browned
  2. Add sliced (or whatever other way your want to cut them) mushrooms and cook for about five minutes
  3. Add sweet and sour sauce and leave in pan until heated.
  4. Serve with cooked rice.



One comment on “STMN: Sweet and Sour Beef

  1. […] given that show is shit), tonight would have been the invention test. I started out wanting to make Sweet and Sour Beef but, as I tried what  I’d done before adding the sweet and sour sauce, I thought that it […]

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