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What is 2degrees up to?

See when I did there? 2 squared is 4. So it says 4G. Ha. I’m so funny. (yes, I know, it was lame, but I’m posting it anyway. So there. Anyway, hey look, it’s a log-o)

With Telecom announcing yesterday that they are going to begin a 4G trial before the end of the year, 4G/LTE has hit the spotlight in New Zealand.

A lot of people were quite concerned that 2degrees were going to fall behind a bit with Vodafone and Telecom having unused spectrum. 2degrees, while having the technology to run LTE available, doesn’t have unused spectrum. Or so we thought.

It turns out that 2degrees has unused spectrum in the 1800MHz band. While that doesn’t mean anything to most people, what it does mean is 2degrees could run a software update and turn on LTE in a number of areas.

While I can understand that 2degrees wants to install their own network in as many areas as possible, I see no reason why they can’t have LTE turned on in the areas where they already have their network installed – the same way they have their Mobile Broadband Zones (where it’s cheaper to use data in the areas they have their own network as opposed to roaming on Vodafone).

4G is the future of mobile connection. It is ridiculously faster than 3G and being the third country to implement this technology for consumers would be a brilliant thing for New Zealand. 2degrees is currently increasing it’s market share steadily. If they were the first to implement 4G/LTE, their market share would shoot up (assuming they make it a reasonable price).


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