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STMN: Spaghetti Bolognese

Well, I guess this is only Spaghetti Bolognese if you put it with spaghetti, but this is the spaghetti bolognese I have made. I used a slow cooker and had it cooking overnight – I’ll leave it cooking until I am ready to eat it tonight. That’s the great thing about a slow cooker – you can effectively just leave it going until you’re ready for it.

You don’t need to have this with spaghetti though – it works really well with mashed potato. I’ve never tried it, but I have a feeling it would work with rice too.


Tinned tomatoes (I used four cans – this is the liquid in the recipe, so you need a fair bit of it)
Italian Herbs
Tomato Paste
Beef mince


Note, this method is for using a slow cooker. If you’re doing this in a stove top, you will need to brown the mince first just to make sure it cooks.

  1. Add all the ingredients to the slow cooker pot.
  2. Start cooking.
  3. ???
  4. Profit

It’s really that simple with a slow cooker. They are great, so if you can afford one, it’s not a bad idea to get one.

Preparation time is about 10-15 minutes, this will have cooked for 18 hours when I have it, but it needs to cook for at least 3-4 hours.

The result

I’ll upload a picture after I eat it tonight.


One comment on “STMN: Spaghetti Bolognese

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