STMN: Bacon and Egg Pie

I have no idea what made me decide to cook this, but I saw the eggs and filo pastry in my fridge this evening and decided it would be a great idea to cook up a bacon and egg pie. So that’s what I did.


Filo Pastry (I guess any pastry would work?)
Eggs (I used a lot (6) because it was a really deep dish)


  1. Spray pie dish with cooking spray (or oil, whatever you’ve got)
  2. Cook the bacon in the microwave until it starts making that popping noise
  3. Whip eggs together with some milk and cheese
  4. Cut cooked bacon into pieces, add to egg mixture
  5. Lay filo pastry in pie dish (I used eight half sheets)
  6. Put egg and bacon mixture into filo pastry
  7. Cook in oven (I preheated mine to what is says is 300 degrees – this was a wee bit too high)
It takes about 20 minutes to prepare this. I cooked it for about 20 minutes.

The Result.

A mildly burnt Bacon and Egg Pie

This would have been better if I’d not cooked it on such a high heat. Maybe drop it down to 250…


3 comments on “STMN: Bacon and Egg Pie

  1. I think you will find that it meant 300 degrees Farenheit not centegrade, Most NZ ovens use C as their temp

  2. […] Last time I tried a bacon and egg pie, it didn’t work so well, so I thought I’d give it another try. This time, it worked rather well. This time, I put a circle of puff pastry on the top, partially so that if it all burned again I could just take that off, and partially because I thought it would add to it. […]

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