Two degrees of separation or social engineering?

So, I just did a little experiment. Go on to a random friend’s profile. Go to their friends and click on the first person who’s name doesn’t sound familiar. Then go to their friends and do the same, and so on until you get to a person who has no mutual friends with you. Took me 28 tries (excluding ones where I had to go back because the person’s privacy settings were so high I couldn’t see non-mutual friends).

What I want to know – does this prove the “two degrees of separation” thing, or is it simply Facebook doing a bit of social engineering here, with people close to those who you know appearing first? I could do more to find out (like going with someone at the bottom of the list) but I can’t be bothered right now.

Just for the record, the profile I finished on is here. Not that it’s important, but I like to add links to my blog posts and that seemed as good a link to add as any.

Oh, it could just be coincidence…


2 comments on “Two degrees of separation or social engineering?

  1. Since you basically random-walked the social graph it doesn’t really prove anything except you had some fun 🙂
    Did you try: http://oracleofbacon.org/

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