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Crazy dream is crazy

I had a bit of a afternoon snooze today (don’t judge, that shit’s awesome) and had a crazy dream. It was a dream so crazy that I thought it deserved a blog post.

It started with me at my place in Hamilton. It was a bit different – there was a random conservatory that went out to a deck and pool (I wish that was there). I went into the pool/deck area with some random rich Americans. I know they were rich because they were talking about their business deals and how they were multi-billion dollar deals. We had a whole bunch of whiskey on the rocks then went to an arcade (lolwut?). After playing air hockey (as you do with multi-billionaires…) we went back to my pool/deck area and started chatting with Barack Obama who happened to be there.

The dream then did one of those random jump things where it’s clear there’s a bunch of time gone by. I got a call from one of the American rich guys telling me about an article in the Waikato Times accusing them (including Barack Obama) of breaking into my place and stealing stuff. I then turned on the TV and saw that they were talking about how Obama is being threatened with impeachment and stuff.

I went to the Waikato Times office and spoke with the editor in charge of the article. They wouldn’t believe that is why my place because “Why would the US President visit your place? Who the hell are you?” (finally, some sort of sense in this dream…)

I argued for a bit, then I got a real life phone call that woke me up. Unfortunate. I want to know how it finishes 😦


Also, I was pretty stoked to have this dream, given I’ve only had dreams about one particular thing over the past two weeks. It gets boring after a while.


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