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Perth gets broken – just

Oh boy. For my health’s sake one of two things need to happen. Option one, I find out that the history of heart problems in my family actually isn’t correct. Unfortunately, as I know that’s not true, that leaves us with the second option – The Breakers NEVER do what they did to me tonight again. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can think of less likely than that.

In a thriller (or at least it seemed that way from the Live Stats – thanks Network Ten) that ended up a dead heat, the Breakers managed to come home with the W – and probably the Minor Premiership – in extra time.

For those of you who aren’t sports fans, the Minor Premier is the team that finishes the season with the top spot on the ladder. Not a term often used in New Zealand’s favourite sports (rugby, netball, cricket), but that’s what it means in the NBL – I think it’s the same meaning in the NRL too.

Because the only team with much of a chance of taking top spot from the Breakers was Perth, the Breakers would have to have a bit of a losing streak to finish out the season (at least three games) for them to lose that top spot.

Another thing to point out, a stat that @andrewbprice from lobpasstoabercrombie.com (amazing website for NBL stats and Breakers updates by the way) pointed out:

Here’s to finishing the season on top!

EDIT: Here’s something even better pointed out on Twitter:

That’s right. We win one more game, and we’re guaranteed Minor Premiers. I am quite happy.


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