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Deep in thought about mobile costs: PART 1 – Overall Costs

This is part one of a seven part post about mobile costs in NZ. Firstly, we’re looking at how much you save by getting the allocated minutes, texts and data in plans rather than buying it with the standard rates for that plan. Before we start, the seven parts will be:

  1. Overall Costs
  2. For texters
  3. For callers
  4. For data users
  5. For texters and callers
  6. For texters and data users
  7. Who’s the best overall?

When each part has been posted, I’ll put a link on here. Obviously, what’s best for you depends on what you use. That’s why we have parts 2-6. Unfortunately, the data became more complex when I tried doing calling and data. It would have taken far too long to do if I hadn’t decided not to go there.

For this, I looked at 2degrees, Black & White, Compass Communications, Skinny, Telecom and Vodafone. I did have a look at Slingshot, but they don’t really have plans that we can easily compare.

I used the same or similar methods to the post I did last night which looked at Vodafone Prepay Smart, 2degrees Pay Monthly and Skinny only.

For the rankings, they are listed in the format Company/Plan/Cost per month/Saving %. You can look into the plans if you want to know what they have – there’s 48 plans I’m comparing, so I don’t want to put in too much. Note: with the Vodafone SIMple plans, you get more calls if you go on a 12 month contract, so the SIMple plans are in here twice.

  1. Skinny/Busy Fingers/$16/95.38%
  2. Skinny/Busy Fingers with Data Addon/$32/94.30%
  3. Vodafone/Prepaid Smart/$25/94.12%
  4. Vodafone/Postpaid Smart/$45/94.12%
  5. 2degrees/$19 Text Combo Pack/$19/92.56%
  6. Vodafone/SIMple TXTer 60 (12 month)/$40.80/92.35%
  7. Compass/Text n Call 30/$25/92.23%
  8. Vodafone/Prepaid Smart/$35/92.00%
  9. Vodafone/SIMple TXTer 60 (1 month)/$40.80/91.67%
  10. Telecom/TalkTextData Value Pack/$20/91.16%
  11. Vodafone/Postpaid Smart/$65/91.07%
  12. Vodafone/Prepaid Smart/$45/90.86%
  13. Skinny/Loose Lips with Data Addon/$32/90.25%
  14. Vodafone/SIMple TXTer 120 (12 month)/$61.25/90.12%
  15. 2degrees/$19 Data Combo Pack/$19/89.71%
  16. Compass/Text n Call 90/$35/89.60%
  17. 2degrees/Pay Monthly/$29/89.19%
  18. Vodafone/Postpaid Smart/$85/89.15%
  19. Vodafone/Postpaid Smart/$100/88.82%
  20. Vodafone/SIMple TXTer 120 (1 month)/$61.25/88.51%
  21. Vodafone/Postpaid Smart/$150/87.75%
  22. 2degrees/Pay Monthly/$39/87.75%
  23. Compass/Text n Call 180/$45/87.45%
  24. Telecom/Smartphone/$140/87.31%
  25. Telecom/Smartphone/$160/86.79%
  26. Skinny/Loose Lips/$16/85.85%
  27. 2degrees/Pay Monthly/$59/84.51%
  28. Telecom/TalkText Value Pack/$20/83.39%
  29. 2degrees/Pay Monthly/$129/82.02%
  30. 2degrees/Pay Monthly/$89/81.97%
  31. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$170/78.33%
  32. Telecom/Smartphone/$100/78.28%
  33. Telecom/Smartphone/$120/77.48%
  34. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$140/73.62%
  35. Telecom/Smartphone/$60/72.91%
  36. Telecom/Smartphone/$80/72.78%
  37. Black & White/The Best of the Rest + Text/$29.64/71.69%
  38. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$120/71.57%
  39. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$100/71.39%
  40. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$80/71.13%
  41. Telecom/Smartphone/$40/70.84%
  42. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$60/70.67%
  43. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$40/69.72%
  44. Telecom/Talk & Text Anytime/$30/68.71%
  45. Black & White/The 60+600/$40.89/68.16%
  46. Black & White/The 120+600/$61.33/59.54%
  47. Black & White/The 250+600/$112.44/44.27%
  48. Telecom/Talk Value Pack/$6.67*/-36.96%

* Telecom’s Talk Value Pack is $20 for 90 days.

And yes, that is correct. Telecom’s Talk Value Pack has a negative Saving Percentage. It’s cheaper for you to buy the minutes separately than it is to buy the pack.

For details about Skinny, head to www.skinny.co.nz
For details about Vodafone, head to www.vodafone.co.nz
For details about 2degrees, head to www.2degreesmobile.co.nz
For details about Compass Communications, head to www.compass.net.nz
For details about Telecom, head to www.telecom.co.nz
For details about Black & White, head to www.bw.co.nz

To view the data set used for this, go to http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7357712/The%20House%20of%20Faz/2012-02-06-FullMobilePlanComparisons.xlsx.


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