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NZ Herald does it again…….

Another terrible article by the New Zealand Herald, this time about a Sheffield radio host who mocked New Zealand.

I think my thoughts are best described in the email I sent to the editors of NZ Herald.


I would like to make a complaint regarding the article “BBC host: NZ offers ‘sod all'”. The following is an email I sent through to the author of the article. I am sending this through to both the print and online editors as I am unsure whether this was a print article or just an online one, but regardless, someone should have stopped this drivel from being printed.


I am completely and utterly disgusted at your pathetic attempt at scoring points over a small time British radio host. It is unprofessional journalism to a degree I have not seen in some time in New Zealand, which is saying something given the general low caliber of New Zealand’s journalists.

There is a couple things you need to think about here. Firstly, did you ever stop to think it might have been comedy? The man is also a stand-up comedian, so it might not be too far off the mark. Secondly, does articles like this not prove his point? If our journalists have so little to do that they can write catty articles about the comments of a Sheffield radio host, following it up by a bio of Sheffield that was, I assume, intended to be offensive. It doesn’t exactly prove him wrong, does it?

I will be sending this email to the editors of the NZ Herald as well. They are just as much to blame as you – they shouldn’t have let this drivel through.

Daniel Farrell


One comment on “NZ Herald does it again…….

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