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What I’m looking forward to in 2012

For me, I think 2012 is one of those years that could either go really well or not so well. Right now, there’s no certainty in which way it will go, but that’s fine by me for now. There are a few things I’m really looking forward to this year and that’s exactly what this post is about (not that you could tell from the title or anything…………)

First up would have to be Contact FM (and yes, I did decide to double link there. Half goes to Facebook, half goes to the website. Wooah, we got a badass here!). I am seriously looking forward to getting back into the studio. I’m thinking about taking on the Friday Drive Show if DJ Pink Noise doesn’t want it any more. And given how often he turned up for his show, I’d say he might not. Though if he does, I’ll just do my standard cameos on his show and find another time.

Secondly would be finally moving away from the Halls of Residence. Most people don’t even bother trying to come back for a second year, but I actually tried pushing for a third. Didn’t happen, but that’s fine because I’ve not got a nice studio flat/apartment. Well, it’s not really an apartment, but it’s not really a flat either… It used to be a motel, but the new owner is renting the place out. Nice guy too – went down to Hamilton just before Christmas to have a look at the place. Ended up signing a tenancy agreement. Moving in February 24th, though will probably end up doing more moving in stuff over a day or two after that.

Thirdly, I am actually looking forward to university this year. I don’t know why, but I am really excited about this year. The last two years, it’s not that I’ve been dreading it, but I certainly haven’t felt this good about university. I don’t understand why, but I really do feel that way. It could be a combination of the above two reasons, given they are both related to returning to university. Not sure…

Fourthly, no election. I know I said this time last year that I would looking forward to 2011 because of the election, and at the time I was. But it became tedious after nine months of electioneering. I feel sorry for women going through nine months of pregnancy if it’s even remotely like that election campaign was. I made up my mind in June/July as to who I was voting for. I think most people would have done the same thing. So, I really didn’t see the point in continuing it on. But continue on it did. It became boring. Sure, there were some interesting things that happened (try searching Election 2011 on Politicalisation – that’ll have a few of the interesting bits if you start from the bottom of page 2) but overall, it became boring. I said it on Politicalisation in November, but Muldoon had it right. Announce election, polls in a month, boom, done.

Fifthly, I am looking forward to running for 2013 WSU Board of Directors. There’s a couple things I need to see first before I make the decision, but I most likely will be running. I was only 20-something votes off this year’s board, and I didn’t put a huge amount of effort in. Maybe if I put some effort in, I can be successful in getting on the Board. We’ll see.

And finally, we get a non-Hamilton related one. The Breakers. I am seriously looking forward to seeing how this season ends up for the Breakers. They aren’t looking too shabby when it comes to their chances at a defended championship, being in second place right now. As far as I’ve seen, the Breakers either go into a new year with a losing streak, or they finish the season with a losing streak. I’d prefer being in second and only having that losing streak at the half way point.

So that’s my six things I’m looking forward to for 2012. We’ll see how well they go.


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