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NBL 2011/12: Why the Breakers lost last night.

This one won’t be long. I only need one sentence to explain this.

19 turnovers before the end of the third.

That is the only reason the Breakers lost last night. I don’t know the final score and I really don’t want to. With about 3 minutes to go in the third quarter, the Breakers had 19 turnovers where the Taipans had 9. The Breakers were down by 11. If each of those ten extra turnovers resulted in two points, that would be 20 points, and the Breakers would have been up by nine.

Having just had a quick look at the stats, (and finding out the final score…. not happy D: – they lost by 17??) The Breakers had 24 turnovers, where the Taipans had 19. That’s five more. If each of those turnovers resulted in a two pointer, they would have get 10 points there. That leaves them seven more to get. They were only on 44% for free throws. If they made it up to 80%, that would have been 12 free throws, five more than they got. That brings them down to a two points deficit. On the turnovers that the Taipans did give away, only 5% of these resulted in points. On the other hand, the Taipans scored on 12%. If the Breakers got up to 10% for this, that would be two or three more points, giving them either a win or overtime.

Ahh, hindsight.

Breakers (57) @ Taipans (74)
1/2 time, 33-41


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