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Auckland Transport – let’s ignore the question and say some very telling things…

A few weeks back, I posted a letter that I wrote to Auckland Transport saying I was disappointed at two things. Firstly, the poor service I received from the Maxx call centre and secondly the fact they don’t offer many places to get tertiary bus cards. Two days ago, I received a reply:

Good afternoon Daniel,

Your customer reference number is : AT2011/xxxxxx

This response has been provided by our Public Transport Unit.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding service from MAXX.

Customers are, unfortunately, unable to top up their Ritchies Fast Pass card at Britomart as there is not enough space currently to accommodate all bus operators’ ticket machines.

However, we are pleased to advise that, as part of Auckland Transport’s current Britomart ticket office redesign, there will be space available at the counters to accommodate all bus operator machines. This work will be completed over the Christmas holiday period.

Auckland Transport will be negotiating with the various bus operators in the New Year regarding the placement of their ticket machines in the additional space created by the redesign.

We can also advise that Auckland Transport will discuss with Ritchies the possibility of providing more ticket agents.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Firstly, they completely ignored the fact the Maxx Call Centre operated openly lied. Secondly, I find it quite telling that they’re installing ticketing systems at Britomart over the Christmas period. Why are they doing this? Surely this is a waste of time and money, given we’re almost at the point of HOP being used across all providers. It makes me think that HOP is going to be delayed again, if not cancelled completely. This concerns me quite a bit.

I shall also be cross posting this on Politicalisation.


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