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Telling the NBL what they probably don’t want to hear

So, in a follow up to the post I made a couple weeks ago about the NBL’s TV coverage, I have sent an email to the NBL letting them know my thoughts on the subject.

I assume they are going to pretty much ignore it, but there’s always a possibility. I shall keep you updated if I get a reply from them.

Here’s the email I sent:


I posted to my blog a few weeks ago a suggestion that the NBL should look at investing in something like NBA TV so the NBL is no longer bound by the will of the television networks, like what happened with Network Ten/ONE HD this season. I would kill to be able to see the Breakers take on the Wildcats tomorrow, but because of the utter stupidity of the television schedule, the game will not be shown at all. Sure, some might say I’m better off as a New Zealander, because I can watch the games live, a luxury that Australians do not get, but that’s only if you have the money to subscribe to Sky TV, something I do not have.
The NBL is losing fans on both sides of the Tasman because of this, and it seems to me the best way to fix this is for the NBL to invest in a service like NBA TV. Film the games yourself, then sell coverage to TV stations, or direct to the fans in a deal like NBA Broadband League Pass. The NBL benefits from the income stream, the fans benefit from being able to watch all the games they want, and the teams benefit because they are able to entice fans by having them watch first, then follow that up by getting them to the games.
I know, this costs money that the NBL may not have, but to me, it’s an investment worth looking at. The whole point of the NBL is to get fans watching the games. Giving them the ability to do that surely is well within the mandate of the NBL. The NBL also gains with the additional income stream. It seems to be a win-win to me. I would think that, if someone like iiNet seriously does support Basketball in Australasia, they would be happy to help out with the costs of this. And if not, surely you’d pay it off eventually.
If you’re interested (to be honest, I assume this is going to go in the “send automatic reply then ignore” box, but I might be wrong) the post I made is at  https://djfaz.wordpress.com/2011/12/11/nbl-dont-let-tv-networks-hold-you-to-ransom/
While I’m writing, I would like to add that I am quite impressed with the work the NBL has done, particularly with the financial problems that the NBL experienced. Congratulations on your successes there. I hope you will add to them and consider my suggestions.

Daniel Farrell

Web: djfaz.wordpress.com (Personal) | politicalisation.wordpress.com (Politics)
Twitter: @googleismygf
Email: <removed – I’m not giving you my personal email address!>

No trees were harmed in the creation of this email. However, a great number of pixels were extremely inconvenienced.

Let’s see what happens next!


One comment on “Telling the NBL what they probably don’t want to hear

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