NBL 2011/12: The Friday from Hell

Okay, so it’s not that bad, but for an NBL fan it’s going to be hell trying to keep track of the four games being played at either 7pm or 7:30pm local tomorrow.

We have:

  • Townsville Crocs @ Sydney Kings – 9:30pm NZDST, 7:30pm local
  • Cairns Taipans @ Melbourne Tigers – 9:30pm NZDST, 7:30pm local
  • Adelaide 36ers @ Gold Coast Blaze – 10:30pm NZDST, 7:30pm local
  • New Zealand Breakers @ Perth Wildcats – 12:00am NZDST, 7:00pm local

To me, it doesn’t seem fair that they’re making the Breakers play at midnight in the home. It’s not good for the team and it’s not good for the fans. It’s also an unfair disadvantage for the Breakers, given the other teams don’t have five timezones to cross other than Perth, and they’re travelling forward timezones, meaning it’s earlier where they’re from.

That’s probably why the Breakers have only beaten Perth at home once. Hopefully they make it twice tomorrow night.


2 comments on “NBL 2011/12: The Friday from Hell

  1. Oh, it should also be noted that the only game to be shown on TV will be Hawks @ Kings. Taipans @ Tigers will be on NBL Radio though.

  2. And by Hawks @ Kings, I mean Crocs @ Kings. My bad.

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