NBL – Don’t let TV networks hold you to ransom

As much as that title reads like a quote, it isn’t. It’s a request. I am sick of not being able to have good coverage of the NBL because they’re letting TV networks hold them to ransom. Rather than doing that, the NBL should consider a bit of investment and create a new stream of income for them.

Look at the NBA. They have NBA TV and NBA League Pass. The NBA shows 40 games a week on this service, which people pay to view on the service. The NBA uses regional TV providers to create coverage and show on NBA League Pass.

This is an option for the NBL, where you could have regional providers in each area. Alternatively, the NBL could consider setting up an organisation that they control to be the official broadcaster of all NBL games. Then, they can sell this footage to TV providers and/or sell it on an NBL online service. Either way, the NBL makes money, which goes back into basketball in Australia (and hopefully New Zealand too, given we have a team in the championship). To me, it makes perfect sense. Not only would Network Ten/ONE HD no longer have the power to control what games can be shown at all, but providers no matter where you are no longer have the right to decide if a game is shown live or not. Right now, an Australian championship has all games filmed shown live in New Zealand, but none shown live in Australia. The NBL would have more klout to stop that happening.

I don’t see this happening, because it would take a lot of foresight and balls, something I don’t think the NBL Commission has. However, I would be VERY happy to be proven wrong here.


2 comments on “NBL – Don’t let TV networks hold you to ransom

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