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Finally, Facebook does something right

I know not everyone is going to agree, and it’s like that the internet is going to be full of moaning and groaning in the next few weeks, or at least it will on New Zealand sites, but I really like Facebook’s new Timeline. New Zealand has been the first country to get Timeline rolled out, with the rollout having already begun, and appearing over the next 24-48 hours.

The reason they chose New Zealand is because it’s a predominantly English speaking country that’s far enough away from the US. Predominantly English speaking so they don’t need to translate feedback, and far enough away from the US because US users may use something differently to other users. What that means is I’ve now got Facebook Timeline.

I was quite skeptical when I clicked the button to get Timeline. When they first announced it, I decided then that it sounds like a brilliant idea, but I didn’t know how well that idea would translate to practice. Well, as it turns out, it translates quite well.

From using Facebook Timeline, I’ve found out that I joined Facebook in November 2007. My first status update was “is hating exams” (as in, Daniel Farrell is hating exams). At the end of 2007, I’d added seven friends to Facebook.

The only problem I can see is that everything you have ever said or done on Facebook is there. Sure, you can make it not appear on the Timeline, but that would mean you have to go through every single thing you posted or done on Facebook. That would take a workforce of sweat shops a year to do, so good luck getting it done yourself.

I like Timeline. But I can see why some people won’t. I’ve already had one person say “it looks like a blue version of Bebo”. That’s a fair call, but there’s more to it than that. It’s an online transcript of your life. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn cool. It just takes a fair bit of getting used to, but you get used to it quite quickly. The only thing I can say is I really hope they leave pages alone. Do not give pages your Timeline. They work better as a wall.


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