Dear Auckland Transport,

I would like to make a complaint about the utterly poor service that Maxx frequently provides. I am making my complaint public, because I do not trust that your feedback forms will result in any sort of response.

On a number of occasions, when I’ve called the Maxx call centre, I’ve been given information that is either no help to me or incorrect.

The most recent occasion of this was yesterday, which is what my complaint is about. Wanting to top up my Ritchies bus card with Tertiary trips, I went to Constellation Park and Ride, only to find the ticket booth there was closed. I then called the Maxx phone number and was advised that I could either get this from AUT University’s Akoranga Campus or Britomart. Not wanting to go all the way to Britomart, I went to AUT, where I was told that the place is closed and wouldn’t open again until mid-January. At this point, I gave up. Upon checking the Maxx website, not only was the representative I spoke with wrong about AUT, he was also wrong about Britomart, as Britomart doesn’t sell Ritchies tickets at all, let alone tertiary tickets.

I have two major issues here. Firstly, why do Maxx service representatives not know what’s going on? Why are they so very poor at their job that they tell people things that are blatantly untrue? Secondly, why can’t I just get on the bus with some money and my ID card and top it up there? It makes no sense to make it so difficult for people to use public transport. If you want people to get on a bus, then make it they can easily do it. I should be able to go to any stockist of Ritchies tickets and top up my card. Instead, I have to go to one of a few places that will let me do it. It’s utter stupidity. It’s not like it’s easy for me to get the stupid little sticker that I need to be able to get tertiary passes in the first place, as I am an Auckland studying outside of Auckland. Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and Maxx need to get their ideas in order so that I, and every other tertiary student, can use the services we need as easily as possible.

If you would like to contact me about this, please feel free to call me on 022 089 8329.


Daniel Farrell



Just a note to all other readers, this post was sent to Auckland Transport via Twitter as well as their contact form on their website. Additionally, an email was sent to the office of Mayor Len Brown.


2 comments on “Dear Auckland Transport,

  1. […] few weeks back, I posted a letter that I wrote to Auckland Transport saying I was disappointed at two things. Firstly, the poor service I received from the Maxx call […]

  2. […] few weeks back, I posted a letter that I wrote to Auckland Transport saying I was disappointed at two things. Firstly, the poor service I received from the Maxx call […]

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