TelstraClear tries to look good – and fails

This weekend, TelstraClear decided to give everyone free broadband. All of their broadband customers are being unmetered for this weekend. That’s a great idea, right? Saving people money will get them on your side.

Except they’re not exactly saving people money. Firstly, people aren’t getting much out of the free usage because the speeds being reported are quite slow. Secondly, most customers will pay the same amount anyway.

Why? Because most people won’t use up their monthly data allowance anyway. This makes the free data not worthwhile to them, so all they’re getting out of this is slow speeds.

Basically, TelstraClear tried to do some marketing here, and they’ve failed quite badly.


2 comments on “TelstraClear tries to look good – and fails

  1. I agree, i have the 40 gig package and i am a regular user using between 36 and 39 gigs a month, this package suits me well, but this weekend!!! grrr it’s been a frustrating nightmare that i hope will never be repeated. I can’t use any of my usual programmes this weekend. Why couldn’t Telstra follow in vodafones footseps and offered the free weekend to random customers that way every one gets a turn, and some benefit. Big fail here Telstra…Telecom is offering free Tevo atm…it’s looking mighty appetising this weekend lol

  2. Whoever came up with this idea at Telstraclear is a nimrod.

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