NBL 2011/12: NZ Breakers v Melbourne Tigers

Friday, we have what should be a brilliant game. The Breakers are back at their spiritual home to see if they can break the Tigers at the NSEC like they did the Crocs at Vector (pun intended).

Last week, I called that the Breakers weren’t going to make a win easy, but would get a win by up to a tenner. Turns out, they were trailing for most of the game, making it a 14 pointer by the end. Quite proud of that prediction, I must say.

Anyway, moving to the Tigers game. I think this could be interesting. The Breakers are out of their losing streak, and the Tigers are just starting one. And it was against the Sydney Kings, who have been one of the more average teams of the season so far. Having said that, Khazzouh has been a frequently good scorer on my NBL Dream Team.

The Tigers are going to either be on a downhill slope or determined to not start a losing streak. Unfortunately for the Breakers, I suspect it will be the latter. Though, the Breakers have home court advantage. At Vector, they don’t put down the court until the day before the game. At the NSEC, it’s always there. They’re used to it. It’s their home court. They know the kinks. They know where the ball doesn’t bounce so well. They know where it bounces particularly well. All courts have patches like that, and knowing your court has to be a benefit.

I’m going to call it to be a close game. If CJ Bruton finally decides he can play basketball still and isn’t an old man, the Breakers will win by a long way. Given what we’ve seen so far, I don’t see that happening though. My call – Breakers by 5.


4 comments on “NBL 2011/12: NZ Breakers v Melbourne Tigers

  1. Tigers have lost their NBA star in Mills, all of a sudden look very ordinary without him. CJ shouldn’t play, his knees are clearly hurting him – he’s 35 and hardwood floors are hard on knees, he should sit the round out and I think he will. Corletto did a mint job last week so CJ’s absence in my mind isn’t a biggie.

    Breakers by 10-15 I’d say.

  2. Had Tigers +9 and got totally screwed in that last overtime…Melbourne couldn’t do anything, and Leon Henry just had to throw up a 3 pointer with 5 seconds left. Thanks Leon!!! What an awful ending to a great basketball game…

    • Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for the comment. Great to have fans of the opposition on the site 🙂

      I unfortunately wasn’t at the game – working can be a chore sometimes. I shall send a message to Liam and get him to reply to this, given he was at the game – useful, given he could text me the score.

      Thanks again


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