Why the judiciary is scaring me a bit

This is sort of political, but not really, so I thought I’d stick this here rather than on Politicalisation.

In New Zealand, we have a democracy. This means our Government, Parliament and judiciary are independent. Most people know about that, and while there’s been some suggestion that those lines have been blurred recently, those are relatively stable thoughts. We also have an independent media though, and that is a concept the judiciary has completely slapped in the face.

I am talking about the Banks/Key tea party and the controversial “tea tape”. John Key laid a complaint with Police, saying there had been a breach of privacy. The Police, while investigating this, went to four media organisations, including Radio New Zealand and TVNZ, asking for the information they have about these recordings. These requests were declined, with the media saying this would breach the idea of independent media and would lead to the confidence of their sources being breached.

The Police have since gone to the judiciary, who have granted a search warrant for these media organisations. These have been today carried out on TVNZ and the New Zealand Herald.

I do wonder what we’re coming to as a country, where the media can be raided by the Police because the Prime Minister said so, particularly during an election campaign. This is a terrible look, not only for the Prime Minister and the National Party, but also for the Police and the judiciary.  It makes me wonder what the courts were thinking when these warrants were granted.

I am not saying that the judiciary is biased. I genuinely believe that we do have an independent judiciary. What I am saying is that this is a line that should certainly have not been crossed, and it disappoints me greatly that it was.


2 comments on “Why the judiciary is scaring me a bit

  1. I hate how in this case the judiciary was subservient to the police (who in turn are working for JK)…the decision to not make a decision because of the police investigation was gutless, in my view if the courts make a decision then any police investigation becomes irrelevant…

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