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Song of the Day: 12 November 2011

So, I meant to do this last night, but then I forgot. Then I meant to do it this morning, but (you guessed it), I forgot. Basically, I want to pick a song for each day. Sometimes there will be a reason, others it will be because I like the song.

Yesterday’s song is Airplanes by BOB feat Hayley Williams. Decided to go with Part 2, because I prefer part 2 – mostly because it has more Hayley Williams. Unfortunately, every video on YouTube of this song has been sped up a bit, so Hayley Williams almost sounds like a chipmunk. But that’s cool – the songs still good.

This is for the Boeing 787 (aka the Dreamliner) that came to New Zealand and sort of made a lot of people go crazy. It actually flew right by where I was, so I got to see it first hand, which was pretty cool.

About time I shut up and gave you a video. So, here, have a video.


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